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The Unifor union brings together more than 315,000 workers from coast to coast.

In Quebec, we are more than 55,000 members.

It is the largest private sector union in Canada as well as in Quebec.

Employees from a wide variety of businesses join our ranks to assert their rights.

Without a strong union to speak on your behalf, the employer does what they want without necessarily worrying about your rights and interests as a worker.

Local 956 wants to help you by unionize your workplace.

This will ensure that workers have a real voice towards leaders regarding their working conditions and defending their rights.

Article 13 of the Labor Code prohibits the use of intimidation or threats to induce anyone to become a member, to refrain from becoming a member or to cease to be a member of a trade union.

As soon as the accreditation request is filed with the Ministry of Labor, the employer does not have the right to modify the working conditions (wages, hours, functions or tasks, etc.) of his employees without the consent written union (art. 59).

Article 36 of the Labor Code stipulates that a person's membership of an association must not be revealed by anyone during the accreditation procedure, except to persons from the Ministry of Labor assigned to the case. These people are required to maintain the secrecy of this information. So your employer cannot know who signed their membership card.


To join us or for more information,

you can contact us confidentially at the following email address: